Tips for Connecting with Your Child

A great way to connect with your child is to spend time interacting with them. This might mean going grocery shopping together, playing a favorite game or toy together, singing to songs in the car together, or going for a walk together. Children love to spend time with the adults in their lives and benefit from playful, fun interactions.

Benefits include: increased self-esteem, child is more connected to parents, child is more responsive to adults, more pleasant household environment, child learns to interact with others, child is happy, etc. The benefits will help children build positive relationships, support their social and emotional development, and help them feel loved, competent and confident

The reality is that many of us our very busy juggling jobs, responsibilities at home, providing care to our children, etc. and have a hard time trying to find time to spend a large block of time with our children. Try to find the small moments and make those moments together special. Driving your child to childcare? A chance to sing a silly song together. Stuck in a long line at the grocery store? An opportunity to talk about the day. Walking to school in the morning? Play games like “I Spy”.

It is important to remember that building connections is mainly about positive “time and attention”. Even 5 minutes of time here and there throughout the day can build those connections. Think about activities you do every day… hair brushing, food shopping, walking to school, etc. How can you make them more playful and interactive?

Make a list of six ideas to increase your connections with your child during the next week, Try to think of things that you can fit into your family routine. Make sure they feel doable. After you complete each activity, think about how you think your child felt after that interaction.

Have fun with your child and build those connections

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