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Find child care options based on age and location. Many offer child care assistance funding, if needed.

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Join PAASSS and PH Miller School for FREE playgroups. Playgroups are for families and caregivers with children ages birth to five not enrolled in a preschool program.

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PAASSS is a community collaborative serving Plano, IL and the surrounding areas with a promise to support children and families in their journey to success in learning and life.

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Activities for At Home: Board Games

Children don’t play board games anymore, but they should be! Playing board games is fun and they help develop important social skills needed in the early years for becoming “ready for school”.
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Support Your Child’s Curiosity

Young children are curious and actively explore the world. This curiosity and exploration may look like inappropriate behavior. Plan and prevent problem behaviors using these strategies.
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Activities for At Home: Playing Games

Sitting down and playing games with children is a way they learn to take turns, learn rules and spend quality time with you. This time also gives you the opportunity to observe skills that need to be worked on.


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