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paasss leadership laurel mateyka chairperson
Laurel Mateyka, Chairperson
paasss leadership angelica nicola bilingual family support worker
Angelica Nicola, Bilingual Family Support Worker
paasss leadership sherri rachford family support worker
Sherri Rachford, Family Support Worker

Leadership Team & Partners

Meet Our 2024 Leadership Team Members

The Plano Area Alliance Supporting Student Success (PAASSS) Leadership Team is made up of members of partner organizations that are committed to creating a  community where all children and families are empowered to succeed in learning and in life. The leadership team meets monthly to handle operational business, cultivate cross-sector partnerships, build and develop collaborative relationships, and employ a solution-focused approach to meeting the needs of families in the communities served by PAASSS.

The PAASSS Leadership Team commits to strong outreach to ensure that membership in PAASSS reflects the community, its diversity, and many perspectives. 

The full PAASSS membership group and the PAASSS Leadership Team will share responsibilities and decision making whenever possible.   The full PAASSS group is an advisory body, providing input, insight, and feedback to the Leadership Team who has the final authority to make decisions for PAASSS.

Collaboration members are stakeholders and/or professionals working in or on behalf of the community; individuals concerned with the issues and interests of young children, parents and their families; and parents/families of young children. 

Individuals and organizations interested in serving as a Collaboration member must identify themselves to the Leadership Team and commit to the vision and work of PAASSS. Members are strongly encouraged to attend quarterly meetings in order to build relationships and to network with other members.

Collaboration members have an active role in the work of PAASSS through volunteering on subcommittees or nominating themselves for a role on the Leadership Team. All collaboration members sign an annual Memorandum of Understanding with PAASSS to codify their participation in the collaboration.

If you are interested in partnering to support PAASSS’s vision of A community where all children and families are  empowered to succeed in learning and in life, contact

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