Business in Action Student Turns Intern for PAASSS

Taylor Headley has been a creative, enthusiastic, and innovative intern for our community collaboration over the last 8 months. She began working with PAASSS as a student at NIU in Fall 2023 when PAASSS was selected as a sponsor for the Business in Action course in which she was enrolled. Upon completion of that course and excited by the PAASSS mission/vision, Taylor took the initiative to reach out to PAASSS Chairperson, Laurel Mateyka, to volunteer to work with us to improve our brand, increase our social media presence, assist with the creation of a website, and develop marketing materials for upcoming events. 

While still completing her coursework in marketing, Taylor has proven herself to be a take-charge individual with high expectations for herself, maintaining a strong work ethic, asserting her creativity, and advocating for best practices in order to achieve results. She has embraced new ideas and strategies during consultation meetings with other professionals in order to collaboratively understand the context of a project before developing content for our website, events, and social media platforms. Additionally, she has grown in her ability to communicate her ideas and influence her colleagues in the areas of branding, website design, data and analytics, and social media presence. Ms. Headley quickly understood and supported the mission of PAASSS not only in word but also in deed, which is why she was offered a paid internship. Her input and perspective were always appropriate and sought after and she elevated our brand and alignment in a meaningful way resulting in a win-win for her and for PAASSS. 

We are excited to see where Taylor’s future takes her and we look forward to our continued partnership with her and Northern Illinois University. 

Follow this link to read the NIU College of Business article about Taylor.

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