Tips For Helping Your Child Solve Problems At Home

How do you teach your child problem-solving skills?

  • Provide opportunities for your child to practice making decisions, such as choosing between two choices, asking them open-ended questions, giving them simple tasks, being a role model, and identifying different parts of a problem. Reading books is also a great way to strengthen problem-solving skills.
  • Ask your child to choose between two outfits or what to have for lunch. As your child ages, expand on these experiences by having them choose between more than two options.
  • Another way to help your child learn problem-solving skills is to ask open-ended questions. Questions like “What do you think would happen if…?” or “How could you fix that?” give your child an opportunity to explore options and come up with a solution.
  • Providing your child with simple tasks to complete independently is another way to help her build problem-solving skills. Ask your child for help picking out a shirt for school or deciding what’s for dinner, and then allow him to try it on his own or figure out how to prepare the meal.
  • Besides providing opportunities for your child to practice problem-solving skills, you can also help by being a role model. Show your child how to take on challenges or look at things from new perspectives. Thinking through problems and navigating solutions is a valuable skill that will serve your child well throughout life.
  • You can also help your child to develop problem-solving skills by teaching them how to identify different parts of a problem and brainstorm possible solutions. As your child gains experience with solving problems, they will become more confident and better equipped to handle whatever life throws their way.

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