Tips to Connect with Your Child

Make an Emotion Book with your child

An easy project to do with your child is to make a homemade book. All you need is paper, crayons or markers, and a stapler. You can make a book about one emotion and have your child fill the pages with things that make him feel that way. For example, a “Happy Book” may have pictures that you and your child draw of things that make him happy or it may include pictures cut out of magazines that are glued on the pages.

Another approach may be to devote a page to an emotion and have the book be about a variety of feeling words (happy, mad, surprised, scared, irritated, proud, etc.). For children who have a lot to say about their feelings, you might want them to tell you a sentence about what makes them feel an emotion and you write the sentence on the page. Then, your child can cut out a picture and glue on the book or draw a picture to go with the emotion.

Warning: this activity will be enjoyable if you do it with your child, but would be difficult for your child to do alone.

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