Tips for Encouraging Your Child

  • Get your child’s attention – look at them and make sure they are looking at you.
  • Be sincere and genuine.
  • Use positive comments and encouragement with your child in front of others.
  • Be specific – say what you see.
  • State directions in a positive way
  • Keep it simple – avoid combining positive feedback with criticism.
  • Double the impact with physical warmth.
  • Provide encouragement and positive description feedback when your child begins to engage in the desired behavior.

Examples include:

  • “Awesome job putting on your shoes!” and give thumbs up.
  • “Thank you for putting your books away!” and give a hug.
  • “Wow! I like how you are using your inside voice” and give a high five.

Avoid this:

  • Don’t Run!
  • Stop Yelling!
  • Don’t Hit!

Do this instead:

  • Use your walking feet.
  • Use your inside voice.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

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