Activities for At Home: Playing Games

Sitting down and playing games with children is a way they learn to take turns, learn rules and spend quality time with you. This time also gives you the opportunity to observe skills that need to be worked on. The Dollar Store is a great place to grab matching, shape, color, letter and number games.

  • Play card games like “Old Maid” and “Go Fish”
  • Play a “Memory” game. Shuffle the cards and lay them face up. Invite your child to find the two cards that match.
  • A deck of playing cards can be used to match numbers, shapes and introduce beginning math skills.
  • Play movement games like “Follow the Leader,” “Simon Says” and the Dice Work Out game
  • Have fun as you play “I Spy” color games. Play the game by spying different colored objects at home, outdoors, or in the car.

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